French Preposition (de)

Definition: De is a very important and versatile preposition with many different meanings and uses in French. As a preposition, it can express or indicate all of the following:
  1. Possession or belonging
    le livre de Carlos Carlos's book
    la bibliothèque de l'université the university library
  2. Starting point or origin
    partir de Nice to leave from (out of) Nice
    Je suis de Bruxelles I'm from Brussels
  3. Contents / description of something
    une tasse de thé cup of tea
    un roman d'amour love story (story of/about love)
  4. Defining feature
    le marché de gros wholesale market
    une salle de classe classroom
  5. Cause
    mourir de faim to die of / from hunger
    fatigué du voyage tired from the trip
  6. Means / manner of doing something
    écrire de la main gauche
    to write with one's left hand
    répéter de mémoire
    to recite from memory

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