The French cuisine is extremely diverse, considered to be one of the worlds most refined cuisines, French techniques are generally used as the basis for all European cooking and the yardstick by which food is measured throughout the Western world. With recipes ranging from creamy sauces and rich pastries to hearty stews and warming soups French cooking has inspired and influenced the techniques of chefs through the ages.

The French cuisine is considered the best in the world; important dishes such as Boudin blanc, Cassoulet, Foie gras, Pot au feu and Blanquette de veau are included on the menu in the principal restaurants in the world. Plenty of foreign students go to France to study a gastronomy career because many important cooking jobs are available in France. If you need to know more about French Food Nutritional Information, you can check this website and discover how many Calories, Fat, Carbohydrates, Protein and Fiber you can find in any food.

French Recipes & Food

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