French Verb Conjugation

French Verbs The verb conjugation is related to the process of changing a verb form to provide information about the action being performed.

The form of the verb can gives us some idea about who is performing the action, when the action is being performed, and the relation of the verb to other parts of the sentence.

Conjugation of the Top 20 French Verbs

être To be arriver To arrive, come
avoir To have, be, obtain entrer To enter, go in
aller To go passer To pass, spend
faire To make, do, take retourner To return
pouvoir To be able naître To be born
vouloir To want, wish partir To leave, depart
venir To come acheter To buy
savoir To know apprendre To learn, teach
prendre To take, have croire To believe
aimer To like, love étudier To study

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