French Music

French Music The French music has a great variety; it was influenced by other music styles of other parts of the world such as Africa, Asia and Latin America, although French musicians have created their own music identity. The French music is best-known by its classical music and nowadays, the modern music styles such as hip-hop, electronic and pop music have become French singers international idols. These idols have inspired many to take singing lessons. It is really neccesary to take singing lessons if you wish to have a great voice. You maybe already sing good but there are many facts that you can improve if you learn to sing correctly. France offers many musical festivals throughout the year; many people visit France to learn more about its musical culture.

The French music goes back to Notre Dame School in the 10th century, this school helped French musician to develop their skills to play the organum which was the most popular music instrument until the 12th century in France. Today, French musicians use technology to improve their compositions, although French classical music still keeps the traditional style. The French music is also popular by its folk style; many folk songs are well-known among Europeans.

Franc people are very proud, because its musical culture is fantastic; one can learn more about the most representative French music in order to improve one's French language skill, many French courses use French song to teach the correct pronunciation of French language, besides learning more about French culture.

Choosing a Music Industry Job and Career

Most people in France struggle to create a career in music: dj, music producer, record engineer, rock star, assistant engineer, tour coordinator, personal manager, booking agent, promotion manager... whatever your music career, you should have always prepared a professional resume. You need to carefully plan out every section of your resume if you want to craft a masterpiece that impresses hiring managers.

Popular Genres of Music in French

French Classical Music

According with the definition, Classical music refers to music composed roughly between 1750 and 1830 (post-Baroque and pre-Romantic) which covers the development of the classical symphony. French classical music is one of the most known by its beauty and of course by its renowned composers such as Pérotin, Machaut , Josquin de, Roussel, Milhaud, Poulenc and Messiaen.

French Hip Hop Music

Although, Hip Hop is an American music gender and most of the famous singers are American, French is an important country where Hip Hop was developed in a great force. Many of the French Hip Hop singers come from the poor urban French areas, this gender first appeared in 1979. The subjects of songs are composed to protest against the inequalities in the life.
Some of the most important singers French-Hip-Hop singers are:

French Pop Music

The French pop music is very popular around Europe; its style has emerged from the combination of yé-ýe and rock music, although the English pop music has influenced over many French pop singers. Pop music currently has many famous interpreters such as Alizée, Natasha Bedingfield and Cerena, although they are not as popular in America as in France, their songs are fantastic and they have won many music awards.

French Rock Music

French Rock Music is produced in France and is a style of rock singed in French. With the arrival of the new wave in the 1970's, many bands of progressive rock appear such as Ange, Magma, Pulsar and Eskaton. And with the influence of the rock from British some bands of French punk rock appear, bands such as Métal Urbain, Stinky Toys and Oberkampf. In the 1980's, many thinks change with the change of the political culture; thanks to that many youth bands of rock and progressive rock appear in a distinct way and they can compete with the American and British rock bands.

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