French Easy Consonants Of the 18 French consonants, b, d, f, k, l, p, t and v are pronounced pretty much as in English. The letter w appears in words from German and English and is pronounced as English v or w. As in English, q only appears before u in French.

French easy consonants:


b beh bonbons - candy
d deh dinde - turkey
f eff fvrier - february
k kah kiosque - newstand
l ell fleurs - flowers
p peh pomme - apple
t teh tomate - tomato

There is no inintial aspiration when pronouncing French consonants. However, there is a slight aspiration after pronouncing French consonants.

In English, someone might say soup without opening his mouth at the end of the word, thus "swallowing" the last sound. In French, you must open your mouth to complete the word.

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