Definition: In French the Interjection is a big name for a little word. Interjections are short exclamations like Oh l l!, Zut! or Miam miam!, they have no real grammatical value but we use them quite often, usually more in speaking than in writing.

When interjections are inserted into a sentence, they have no grammatical connection to the sentence. An interjection is sometimes followed by an exclamation mark (!) when written.

Students (and not only students, for that matter) have always been making mistakes in their writing assignments and will always be making them. But some grammar mistakes are so ubiquitous in works of almost all people that it is easier to memorize the mistake itself and remember not to make it the next time you encounter similar situation. Here are 10 mistakes students make most often.

Examples in French: List of French interjections

Interjections for:
  • Annoying situations
    Ae ! = Ouch !
    Pronounced like "eye".

    Oue ! Ouille ! = Ouch!
    Pronounced "oo-y".

    Hol ! = Hey! Whoa!
    As in "Whoa! Hold your horses, be careful, etc."

    Ouf ! = Phew!
    Sometimes you escape annoying situations, just about. Ouf can also be used in another expression:
    Je n'ai pas eu le temps de dire ouf.
    I didn't even have time to catch my breath.

    Oups ! = Oops!
    Probably comes from its English equivalent, only the spelling has changed.

    Zut ! = Blast!
    A classic. Although very old and very "proper", zut is still very popular.

    Merde ! = Shit!
    Vulgar word.
  • Noises
    Et toc ! C'est bien fait pour toi ! = Serves you right!

    Toc, toc ! = Knock knock!
    Can also be used in a totally different context as above.

    Boum ! = Boom! Bang!
    Very handy as it designates heartbeats as well as explosions, slammed doors and many other loud noises.

    Pan ! = Bang!
    Even French guns have an accent.
  • Food
    Miam miam ! = Yum yum! A must in "ze" country of food.

    Beurk ! Berk ! = Yuk!
    Unfortunately, you may come across terrible food as well.
  • Handy words
    Ho ! = Wow! Admiration
    Ho ! = Hey! Calling somebody.
    H ! Same use as Ho !

    Hein ? = Eh? What?
    Hein ? punctuates a lot of sentences and is often the equivalent of English question tags.
    C'est chouette, hein ? = Great, isn't it?

    Bon ! = Right, so, well, etc.
    Often acts as a transition between two sentences.

    Ben...euh... = Well, er...
    Probably the most famous French interjection. Particularly useful when you hesitate or when you don't have anything particular to say but don't want to say nothing.

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