French Preposition (�)

Definition: is a very important preposition, despite its tiny size. Its many different meanings and uses in French include all of the following.
  1. Location or destination
    J'habite Paris I live in Paris
    Je vais Rome I'm going to Rome
    Je suis la banque I'm at the bank
  2. Distance in time or space
    J'habite 10 mtres de lui
    I live 10 meters from him

    Il est 5 minutes de moi
    He is 5 minutes from me
  3. Point in time
    Nous arrivons 7h00 We arrive at 7:00
    Il est mort 100 ans He died at the age of 100
  4. Manner, style, or characteristic
    Il habite la franaise
    He lives in the French style
    un enfant aux yeux bleus
    blue-eyed child / child with blue eyes
    fait la main
    made by hand
    aller pied
    to go on / by foot
  5. Possession
    un ami moi a friend of mine
    Ce livre est Jean This is Jean's book
  6. Measurement
    acheter au kilo to buy by the kilogram
    payer la semaine to pay by the week
  7. Purpose or use
    une tasse th teacup / cup for tea
    un sac dos backpack / pack for the back
  8. In the passive infinitive
    louer for rent
    Je n'ai rien lire I have nothing to read

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