Preposition (aprs & derrire)

Definition: There is often confusion between the prepositions aprs and derrire and their opposites avant and devant.

Aprs and derrire are used in the following circumstances:

  1. Aprs expresses something to do with time and means after. It can be used in front of a temporal expression, noun, pronoun, verb, or clause.
    aprs 3h00
    after 3:00
    aprs le cours
    after the class
    aprs avoir mang
    after eating
    aprs qu'il le fera
    after he does it
  2. Derrire expresses position or location (figurative or literal) and means behind. It can be used only in front of a noun or pronoun.
    derrire la maison
    behind the house
    chercher derrire les apparences
    look behind (beyond) appearances

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