French, also known as the language of love, descends from Latin and belongs to the Romance language family. French is also considered as one of the most impressive languages and is admired by its beauty and aestheticism, this combined with its beautiful and peculiar pronunciation, make French a perfect language to seduce and impress.

Here some lovely phrases that you can use in your every day conversation.

Langue Amour / Love Language

Je t'aime ( aussi ) I love you (too)
Je t'adore I adore you
Veux-tu m'épouser ? Will you marry me?
sortir avec to date
se fiancer à , (or avec) to get engaged
se marier avec to get married
les fiançailles engagement
le mariage marriage
les noces , le mariage wedding
l' anniversaire de mariage wedding anniversary
la lune de miel honeymoon
la Saint-Valentin St. Valentine's Day
un cadeau present
des fleurs flowers
des bonbons candy
des vêtements clothes
le parfum perfume
des bijoux jewelry
une bague de fiançailles engagement ring
une alliance wedding ring

Videos of French vocabulary: Love Language


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