The time is defined as duration of events that are subject to certain changes. Every day we face these changes governed by a duration of 24 hours which is recorded in hours, minutes and seconds. In this section you will learn to tell properly the time in French.

Time / L'Heure

French Time

Quelle heure est-il ?
What time is it?

It's one o'clock Il est une heure 1h00
It's two o'clock Il est deux heures 2h00
It's 3:30 Il est trois heures et demie
Il est trois heures trente
It's 4:15 Il est quatre heures et quart
Il est quatre heures quinze
It's 4:45 Il est cinq heures moins le quart
Il est cinq heures moins quinze
Il est quatre heures quarante-cinq
It's 5:10 Il est cinq heures dix 5h10
It's 6:50 Il est sept heures moins dix
Il est six heures cinquante
It's 7am Il est sept heures du matin 7h00
It's 3pm Il est trois heures de l'après-midi
Il est quinze heures
It's 6pm Il est six heures du soir
Il est dix-huit heures
It's noon Il est midi 12h00
It's midnight Il est minuit 0h00

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